Table of Contents

JAWS Training for Teachers and AT Instructors

JAWS Keystroke Reference

Module 1: Introduction to Teaching JAWS

Module 2: Create a Shortcut Key, Start JAWS, and Create or Rename Folders

Module 3: Use FSReader and the JAWS Basic Training

Module 4: Read and Edit with JAWS

Module 5: Quickly Get Help in JAWS

Module 6: Use Popular Tools and JAWS

Freedom Scientific, a Vispero brand

Clip art of a graduation cap, highlighter, ruler, calculator, post-it note, check mark, and target.

Module 7: Teach your Students to Navigate the Web with Surf’s Up

Module 8: JAWS and Braille

8.1 What is Braille?
8.2 Startup Wizard Braille Options
8.3 Braille Mode Combo Box
8.4 Teachers Focus Companion Overview
8.5 Braille Study mode
8.6 Braille Viewer
8.7 Braille Fonts for Windows

Module 9: Dictionary Manager

9.1 Basic dictionary rules
9.2 Use a language to pronounce a word

Module 10: Windows Accessibility Features, Ease of Access Center

10.1 Magnifier with mouse pointer colors and sizes
10.2 High contrast settings
10.3 Browser and Microsoft Office settings

Freedom Scientific, a Vispero brand