Lesson 2

Using Amazon's Kindle App

Lesson 2

Amazon’s Kindle for PC app is frequently used to read books at home and in school, and gives you access to a wide range of materials.

After downloading the Kindle app, you’ll need to sign into your Amazon account. Your Kindle books will then be available to synch with the app. Press F5 to synch your content.

When you open the app, you’re placed on the last screen you accessed. If you closed the book you were reading before exiting, focus will be on the home screen. You can return to this screen at any time by pressing CTRL+ALT+L, Lima. You can navigate through the controls in the Kindle app using TAB and SHIFT+TAB. You can press F1 for help any time.

Please allow [08:06] to watch the following instructional demonstration on accessing the Amazon Kindle app for the PC with JAWS before continuing to the next topic.

Freedom Scientific, a Vispero brand

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