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Top 10 Tips for Teaching Internet Navigation with Surf’s Up

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As you work through the Surf’s Up modules with your students, use the following tips to help them understand key JAWS navigation features. You can use these on Surf’s Up, or even web sites that your student may use on a regular basis.

  1. Use the list of form controls (INSERT+F5), or the various Navigation Quick Keys for moving to specific form fields to review information you have entered before submitting.
  2. For sighted teachers, parents, or students with enough vision to see the computer screen, use the options in the Visual Tracking group in Settings Center (INSERT+6 on the number row) if you need to make adjustments to the visual highlight to make it easier to see.
  3. Use the ALT+DELETE keystroke to find out your location on a page. This could be useful on lengthy pages with a lot of content, such as a Wikipedia article to see the percentage of the page currently read.
  4. Use the R and SHIFT+R keystrokes to look at regions on a page.
  5. Teach students to use table reading commands (ALT+CTRL+ARROW keys) to move through columns and rows and better understand how a table is laid out.
  6. Set PlaceMarkers to quickly return to points of interest.
  7. Show students how to select a section of content between a temporary PlaceMarker and the current cursor location and then copy and paste it into another application.
  8. Use TAB or SHIFT+TAB to move through links on a page or use the list of links (INSERT+F7).
  9. Use the H or SHIFT+H keystrokes to explore headings on a page or use the list of headings (INSERT+F6).
  10. Show students how to search for specific text on web pages using the CTRL+F keystroke.
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