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Welcome to our Training Center home page! If you are already familiar with Internet navigation commands, feel free to browse starting here. If not, follow these instructions to hit the high points of this page and examine available text and links.

  1. With JAWS running, press M to move to the frame in the lesson where the Training Center home page begins. Focus should be on the "Skip to Content" link at the top of the page.
  2. Press H to move forward or SHIFT+H to move backwards through the headings on the page. Notice that many of the headings are also links.
  3. Press ENTER on the link for Braille Hardware. Once the page loads, spend a moment reading about training for the Focus and ElBraille displays.

NOTE: The frame beginning at the top of column two is an iFrame containing the actual FS Training web page. You may read and interact with it as you would any other web page. To skip past this frame, press CTRL+END to move to the bottom of the current topic page.


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