Create a Folder Using the Ribbon in File Explorer

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You can create a folder using the Ribbon in File Explorer. Navigate to where you want to create the folder. For this lesson, you will create a folder within a folder, a subfolder in Documents.

  1. Press the WINDOWS key to access the Windows Search edit box.
  2. Type "Documents," and then press DOWN ARROW to navigate to the Documents folder.
  3. Press ENTER to open Documents.
  4. Press ALT+H to move to the Home tab of the ribbon, and then press N to activate the New Folder button.
  5. By default, the folder is called “New folder.” Type over this text with a new name.
  6. Press ENTER to create the folder.

Please allow [01:17] to view a short instructional demonstration, "How to Create a Folder in File Explorer using the Ribbon."

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