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Braille Study Mode

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Braille Study Mode is a training tool for teaching and learning braille. When Braille Study Mode is on, JAWS announces the current braille character in a display cell when you press the cursor router button immediately above that cell. This is excellent when a new braille reader does not recognize the current character. When you press the particular cursor router button in conjunction with the left or right selector button, JAWS announces and spells the braille word. To enable Braille Study Mode, do the following:

  1. Make sure that the Focus display is connected to your computer using either a USB or Bluetooth connection.
  2. Press INSERT+V to open Quick Settings.
  3. In the Search edit box, type “study” without the quotes.
  4. Press DOWN ARROW to move to “Study Mode” in the filtered search results in the tree view.
  5. Press SPACEBAR to toggle this option and then choose OK to close Quick Settings. Braille Study Mode remains on until toggled off or until JAWS is restarted.

In addition, the following commands are available even when Braille Study Mode is disabled:

This is useful when you need a quick reminder, but you do not want to go through the process of turning on Braille Study Mode as previously described.

Note: JAWS returns to normal operation after announcing the braille character or word.

Student using JAWS and a Focus 40 braille display.
Freedom Scientific, a Vispero brand

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