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Let us open FSReader and look at the Table of Contents for the JAWS training. If you have FSReader open from the last topic, you’re ready to go.

  1. To open FSReader, switch to the JAWS window by pressing INSERT+J.
  2. To go to the Help menu, press ALT+H.
  3. Find and press ENTER on Training in the Help menu. FSReader opens to the JAWS Table of Contents.
  4. Maximize the window by pressing ALT+SPACEBAR followed by X.

There are nine books available in the JAWS Basic Training. If you have never installed the basic training, don't worry. We cover that in a few minutes. Right now, let's explore how the table of contents is structured. In a nutshell, there are:

Exercise: Let us explore the Table of Contents together.

  1. To make sure everyone is in the same place, first press CTRL+HOME to move to the top of the document.
  2. Press H to move by headings until you reach the heading for Book One, Introduction and Overview of the JAWS Basic Training.
  3. Use the DOWN ARROW key to read the single paragraph below. Note that you find the time to listen to book one is just over 6 minutes.
  4. As you continue pressing DOWN ARROW you find the first table on the page. This one is a small table, so just keep pressing DOWN ARROW to read through it. Note the table column headers for Description, Start Time, Viewing Time, and Allow to Complete times. This structure is repeated for each book.
  5. Press DOWN ARROW to move out of the table. Below the table you find a link to download and install the current book. If you have not yet installed book one, just wait until later.
  6. Press DOWN ARROW again. There is the heading Book Two, Getting Started with JAWS. Take a moment to read the paragraph that describes the book, and note that the total time to listen to book two is just over 34 minutes. This one is a little longer!
  7. Press DOWN ARROW to move to the second table on the page. This table has 4 columns and 13 rows. There is a lot more information in this table than the first one, so let us now explore basic table navigation using JAWS. When using table navigation, JAWS reads the column and row headers for the current cell wherever focus is within the table. In other words, you hear the start, viewing , and allow to complete times found at the top of each column as well as the topics listed at the beginning of each row while moving through the information.
  8. Enter layered mode by pressing INSERT+SPACEBAR. You hear a pop sound indicating that JAWS is waiting for a second command.
  9. Press T to start using the JAWS table layer. Now you can just press the ARROW Keys in any direction to read through the table.
  10. Move to the topic 2-3 Different Types of Keyboards by pressing DOWN ARROW.
  11. Move across this row by pressing RIGHT ARROW. JAWS reads "Start Time," followed by "7:05," followed by "Viewing Time," "3:33," etc. JAWS also announced focus is at the end of the row.
  12. Move to the next row by pressing DOWN ARROW. JAWS announced the first thing in the row, "2-4 Changing the Keyboard Layout." You also heard the Allow to Complete time, 5 to 10 minutes, which is where focus is in column 4.

There are many keystrokes you can use while in table layer. Here are just a few to help you get started:

The table layer remains active while these commands are used.

When you are finished exploring this table, press ESC to exit the table layer.

Open the JAWS list of links by pressing INSERT+F7 and explore the links in the table of contents.

Press ESC to close the JAWS list of links when you are finished.

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Leave FSReader open with the Table of Contents in view.

Please allow [06:34] to watch the short instructional demonstration "Exploring the Table of Contents" before continuing to the next topic.

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