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We introduced you to the video "FSReader Overview" in topic 1.2.2 Training in DAISY Format. For a quick review, go to FSReader Overview.

NOTE: The Table of Contents for FSReader has been updated since the video was created. Let us explore the new Table of Contents for the JAWS Basic Training.

Starting FSReader

  1. To open FSReader, switch to the JAWS window by pressing INSERT+J.
  2. To go to the Help menu, press ALT+H.
  3. Find and press ENTER on Training in the Help menu. FSReader opens to the JAWS Table of Contents.

NOTE: If the Table of Contents is not available in your version of FSReader, just press F1 to open the DAISY book built-in help to use as you participate in this practice.

General Navigation in FSReader

Read through the first few paragraphs of the Table of Contents. Here are a few keystrokes to get you started:

While in the document pane of FSReader, you can also use navigation quick keys such as H to move by heading or P to move by paragraph. You can also use the JAWS lists of links, headings, etc.

Open the Getting Started with FSReader DAISY Book

Open Getting Started with FSReader DAISY book by pressing F1. On the left half of the screen is a tree view. On the right half of the screen is a document area.

EXERCISE: Practice using the letter H to move through the headings.

  1. Press the letter H to move by headings and hear these headings spoken:
    • Getting Started with FSReader
    • Commonly Used Navigation Quick Keys
    • Installing FSReader
    • Starting FSReader
    • Closing FSReader
    • Etc.
  2. Press F6 to move to the tree view on the left side of the page. The currently selected heading is the last heading you heard while pressing H.
  3. Press the DOWN ARROW to move to Using FSReader with Narrated Audio and Training Materials.
  4. Press F6 to move back to the document pane. The document pane has scrolled to this heading, which is the focus.
  5. Press CTRL+J to switch back to the main Table of Contents in FSReader.

Use the Navigation Toolbar

If you are a mouse user, you can click buttons on the toolbar to access FSReader features. The toolbar is just below the menu bar at the top left of the window. These buttons have equivalent keyboard commands, which are discussed in detail in the coming lessons.

FSReader Toolbar controls

We offer an FSReader Vocabulary Reference that is especially useful to teachers. Using FSReader and the Basic Training is a great way for instructors, even those with no JAWS experience, to work with their students learning JAWS. See FSReader Vocabulary Reference

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Leave FSReader open with the Table of Contents in view.

Please allow [04:42] to watch the short instructional demonstration of general navigation in FSReader before continuing to the next topic.

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