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Sharing or Deleting Dictionary Files

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The new rules created during this lesson should appear something like the image on the right:

JAWS saves the dictionary files with a JDF extension, which stands for JAWS Dictionary File. The file name is either the name of the application, in application-specific dictionary rules, or the default.jdf for dictionary rules that apply to all programs. If you write a rule for a person's name, it will most likely go in the default.jdf file, since you would encounter that person's name in e-mail as well as other apps. Remember, if you want to change to the default file in any manager while that manager is in the foreground, press CTRL+SHIFT+D. Then press INSERT+T to verify that the name "default" appears in the title bar of the manager.

JAWS dictionary files (JDF) can be shared or deleted once created. The JDF files you create are located in the user settings folder for the current person logged on to the computer. They can be copied and pasted into another user's folder. Alternatively, you may use the JAWS Import/Export feature to keep things simple.

Please allow [02:10] to watch the following instructional demonstration on sharing or deleting JAWS Dictionary files before continuing to the next topic.

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