Options for Starting JAWS

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There are three ways to start JAWS depending on your needs.

  1. You can assign a shortcut keystroke to the JAWS icon on the Windows Desktop to quickly start JAWS at any time, as demonstrated in the previous topic.
  2. Use the Windows Run dialog box to manually start JAWS. Press WINDOWS Key+R to open the Windows Run dialog box, and type the word "JAWSxxxx" without the quotes, where xxxx represents the version of JAWS installed on your computer (i.e., JAWS2021).
  3. Windows Run dialog box showing the text JAWS2021 typed in the edit box.
  4. JAWS can be configured to start automatically during the Windows startup process. Follow the steps below or watch the short [01:22] minute instructional demonstration here to learn how.

Automatically Start JAWS

  1. Press INSERT+J to place focus in the JAWS application window.
  2. Press ALT+O to open the Options menu, and then press ENTER on Basics to open the Basic Settings dialog box.
  3. Press TAB to move to Automatically Start JAWS, and then press ENTER to open the Start JAWS Options dialog box.
  4. If you want to have speech and braille access when signing into Windows, make sure the Start JAWS at the logon screen check box is selected.
  5. In the Start JAWS after logon for this user combo box, make sure Always is selected.
  6. Select OK to close the Start JAWS Options dialog box and select OK again to close the Basics Settings dialog box.

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