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JAWS has several utilities that you can quickly access to view license information, configuration and settings files, and help topics. These provide shortcuts to your user settings, shared settings, and program files. There are two ways to open the Explore Utilities folder.

A File Explorer window opens with seventeen or so different utilities. We are only going to look at three of these now. The main purpose with this exercise is to show you how to find the Utilities folder for JAWS, and then once you find it how to use a few of the more common settings that we think you may need someday. You may never need these but at least you know where they can be found.

Explore My Settings

This folder contains your user-specific JAWS settings. When you change the voice rate, speech and sounds schemes, or customize any global or application-specific settings, JAWS saves the settings in this folder.

Explore the Manuals

In this folder are the following documents:


The JAWS Help can be opened by going to the File menu in the JAWS user interface or by pressing F1 from within the JAWS window. However, if you don't have JAWS running you can also find the JAWS Help in this folder.

Go ahead and close the Utilities folder by pressing ALT+F4 for now if you have it open.

Please allow [03:03] to watch the short instructional demonstration of using the JAWS Utilities folder before continuing to the next topic.

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