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OpenBook® and PEARL
Computer-Connected Scanning and Reading System

OpenBook and PEARL portable scanning and reading solution with laptop.

This scanning and reading system instantly converts printed materials to speech or Braille output on your computer. OpenBook gives you access to what you need to read, whether it's a book, classroom assignment, bill, or PDF document.

Eye-Pal® Reader
Scanning and Reading Appliance

Eye-Pal Reader Scanning and Reading Appliance.

The Eye-Pal Reader is an easy-to-use scanning and reading appliance that instantly and accurately converts printed text into speech. The Eye-Pal Reader's smart technology will sense document placement, and automatically begin to scan and read.

Scanning and Reading Appliance

SARA CE Scanning and Reading Appliance.

Scan your favorite book, magazine, letter, and more. With the push of a button, SARA CE will read it aloud to you. It is designed for people with little or no computer experience.

Eye-Pal SOLO™
Scanning and Reading Appliance

Eye-Pal SOLO Scanning and Reading Appliance.

Scan your favorite materials and have Eye-Pal SOLO read them aloud to you. Eye-Pal SOLO is hand-motion activated for ease of use, and requires no computer knowledge.