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Scanning and Reading Appliance

The Eye-Pal Reader is an easy-to-use scanning and reading appliance that instantly and accurately converts printed text into speech. The Eye-Pal Reader's smart technology will sense document placement, and automatically begin to scan and read. Feel confident reading pill bottles, mail, cans, newspapers, and even thick books. No computer or computer skills required.

Eye-Pal Reader scanning and reading appliance.


  • Ergonomic, foldable, and lightweight
  • Advanced auto-focus, auto-zoom camera
  • Automatically detects size of a document to ensure accurate OCR
  • Instantly scans an entire 8.5 by 11 inch page without missing any text lines
  • Hand-motion activated
  • Save text as TXT, JPEG, or MP3 files
  • Can be localized for any of 19 languages
  • Choose among several different voices and languages for each localized version