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Freedom Scientific Announces Low Vision Software and Hardware Solutions

Introducing the Ultra-Versatile ONYX Camera

(St. Petersburg, Florida - June 14, 2007)

Freedom Scientific today introduced its latest suite of innovative low vision solutions, featuring the ONYX® Camera, an easy-to-use portable video magnification camera that provides three distinct viewing options: distance views, document views, and self views.

The distance mode can be used to clearly view objects from across the room or in even larger venues such as auditoriums or theaters. The document mode enables low vision users to read documents or carefully inspect small objects. In the self view mode, users get a magnified true mirror image close up. The camera remembers its settings in each position, so users can continually, and easily, switch back and forth between viewing modes.

"The combination of powerful and flexible hardware products with innovative software that only Freedom Scientific provides is what makes the ONYX product line so dynamic and noteworthy," said Lee Hamilton, President of Freedom Scientific. "The combination of our new MAGic® EyeMerge™ software, and the ONYX camera delivers so much more than just video magnification. It enables a whole new level of productivity, working seamlessly with the PC and physical documents."

The MAGic EyeMerge software enables users to work with a magnified PC view and easily switch to a magnified camera view. They can create multiple split screen views; change text and background colors; capture images; adjust contrast levels in any view; and add masks and reading lines. An especially powerful and unique feature is the ability to flip through multiple magnified snapshot views using keystrokes, rather than having to constantly pan the camera to see the entire blackboard for instance. The images can then be saved as notes.

"Video magnification cameras are not new in the marketplace," added Hamilton, "but cameras that are combined with the latest image management software, speech synthesis, and screen magnification can bring the digital and physical worlds together seamlessly to create an intuitive work environment heretofore unavailable to the low vision user."

There are four ONYX models – two designed for those who require magnification only, and two specifically for PC users.

The ONYX Flexible-arm features the camera mounted on a specially-designed omni-directional articulating arm. The camera can be moved to any number of adjustable positions making this model particularly suited to those working on projects and with three-dimensional objects.

With the ONYX Swing-arm, the ONYX camera is mounted on a swinging arm attached to a sturdy base that disassembles and sets up quickly and can be connected to any NTSC TV.

The ONYX Flexible-arm PC Edition uses USB connectivity and MAGic Screen Magnification Software with Speech plus MAGic EyeMerge image management features to enable users to get powerful distance and up close magnification, PC screen magnification, text to speech syntheses, and the ability to customize, save, and manipulate images when working with a PC, documents, and/or viewing a presentation. The camera can be powered from a wall outlet or by two USB ports.

The Swing-arm PC Edition also features USB connectivity combined with MAGic EyeMerge to bring all of the customization and productivity enhancements of the ONYX Flexible-arm PC Edition to the ONYX Swing-arm configuration.

Each of the four ONYX models includes an easy-to-use RF remote control that eliminates any need to touch or jiggle the camera once it is aimed.

While there are four distinct models, the commonality is that they are portable, easy to use, and produce extremely clear images and can significantly increase any user's efficiency and productivity.

All four models will be available for shipment in July 2007.

For complete product specifications and features, visit or contact Freedom Scientific at 800-444-4443 or 727-803-8000.

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