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Freedom Scientific and the Sendero Group Announce Collaboration

(St. Petersburg, Florida - March 10, 2009)

Freedom Scientific, the world's leading producer of technology for people who are blind, has announced a joint development project with the Sendero Group, world leaders in GPS navigation technology that takes into account the unique needs of blind people.

Jonathan Mosen, Freedom Scientific's Vice President of Blindness Hardware Product Management, says the benefits of this cooperation will be evident for all to see and use by mid-year.

"We've raised the bar very high for a major new release of our StreetTalkā„¢ GPS navigation software for PAC Mate Omniā„¢," Mosen said. "Customers have asked us for enhancements such as a virtual mode, intelligent pedestrian routing, and other blindness-specific features. The combination of the Sendero Group's technology and the powerful, intuitive StreetTalk user interface will deliver the best accessible GPS solution available, and all on the indispensable device that never leaves the side of an increasing number of blind people. Plus, it will be a single application that will install quickly and easily. I've been using this product as the development has continued, and, as a user, I'm delighted with the results."

President and CEO of the Sendero Group, Mike May, has welcomed the relationship.

"We recognize that PAC Mate Omni is the device of choice for many blind people in employment and education. We're pleased that our technology will assist PAC Mate Omni users to know what's around them and reach their destination, whether that be on foot, public transport, or when in a car being the co-pilot for a sighted driver," May said.

The new StreetTalk VIP, retaining the familiar StreetTalk look and feel but powered by the Sendero Group's GPS technology, is expected to be released in the middle of 2009. An upgrade for existing StreetTalk users will be available.

It will also be demonstrated in Jonathan's PAC Mate Omni presentation at the CSUN conference, from 9:20 to 10:20 AM on Wednesday morning in the St. Louis Room at the Marriott.

For more information ,including a full pricing schedule, please visit the StreetTalk VIP Web page.

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