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Freedom Scientific Releases Version 2024 of JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion

Key features and improvements include Face in View, Split Braille, MathCAT Integration in JAWS and ZoomText Performance Boost

(Clearwater, Florida - October 26, 2023)

Freedom Scientific is thrilled to announce the annual release of the 2024 versions of the leading screen access products, JAWS® for Windows, ZoomText®, and Fusion™.

Key features and improvements include:

  • Face in View: Ensure you're perfectly positioned and illuminated before your video calls.
  • Split Braille: Navigate and read text from different areas of the screen on a single refreshable Braille line.
  • MathCAT Integration in JAWS: Experience and offer insights on the initial integration of the open-source MathCAT library.
  • ZoomText Performance Boost: Take advantage of a faster and more responsive ZoomText experience.

In our unwavering commitment to advancing screen reading technology, we proudly present Face in View and Split Braille. With these features, JAWS users can be assured of their on-camera presentation for platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Furthermore, Split Braille offers Braille readers unprecedented functionality, like viewing varied content on one Braille line through multiple viewing modes. When Split Braille is activated, the Braille display divides into two distinct sections. Our innovative Early Adopter Program in JAWS invites users to explore the MathCAT library's initial integration, aimed at amplifying speech and Braille access to math. As this feature continues to develop, we're eager for feedback, especially from those who prioritize access to mathematical content.

ZoomText users will find value in enhanced mouse and cursor functionalities, combined with a more intuitive interface. We've also dedicated considerable effort to ensure ZoomText loads faster and operates more responsively.

As with all updates, users will benefit from updated support for Microsoft Windows, the Office suite, and access to Chromium-based browsers along with fixes to many bugs.

Consistent with our tradition, post-installation will auto-migrate users' previous settings, encompassing Braille devices and configurations. This facilitates a smoother transition, especially for those who might find adapting to new versions challenging.

About Freedom Scientific

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