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Bug Report Example



JAWS is not reading the email name/address in the "Select Names" dialog.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Using Office O365 v. 2005 (build 12827.20268 Click-to-Run. Windows 10 64-bit v. 2004 (build 19041.264).
  2. Open new Outlook email draft.
  3. In the TO: and CC: fields, add a name and/or email address that you know to be valid.
  4. Press SHIFT+TAB to move back to the CC button and activate it. This brings you to the "select names" dialog.
  5. Press TAB 3 times to get to the edit field that contains the TO: recipients, then press TAB once more to get to the CC: field recipients.
  6. Use the ARROW keys to move around these fields.


No names are heard, when you do hit a name/address, you hear blank.


To hear the names you have already entered.