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MAGic Large Print Keyboard Driver® Downloads

You must install the driver for the MAGic Large Print Keyboard to have full MAGic functionality when using the keyboard. Select the link below to download the driver.

Important: The MAGic Large Print Keyboard works with MAGic versions 11.0.4348 (32-bit), 11.0.4349 (64-bit), and later. To use this driver, you must upgrade your software if it is earlier than these releases. To verify your version of MAGic, select About MAGic from the Help menu in the MAGic user interface. Note that if the keyboard is already plugged in and you are using it without the enhanced MAGic functionality, you should reboot the computer after installing the driver.

For more information, refer to the keyboard's quick start guide.

Note: If you are running Windows XP, driver version 1.0.107 will be installed.