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FSClipboard extends the functionality of the Windows Clipboard. When you use the Windows Copy (CTRL+C) or Cut (CTRL+X) commands to place text on the Clipboard, it replaces any text already there. When using the FSClipboard feature, text that you copy is added to any text that you have previously copied to the Clipboard. This allows you to continue adding text to the Clipboard until you are ready to paste it into a document. You can only copy text with the FSClipboard feature (you cannot cut text using it).

To append text to the Clipboard, select it using normal text selection commands, and then press INSERT+WINDOWS Key+C. The text is appended to the end of any text already on the Clipboard. To paste all the text that you have placed on the Clipboard so far, use the Windows Paste command (CTRL+V). The text is inserted into your document at the current location of the cursor.

NOTE: If you attempt to add the same selection of text to the Clipboard more than once, the text is not added. This feature is intended to reduce unintentional duplication.

All formatting is removed from text that you copy using the FSClipboard feature. This can be useful in programs like Microsoft® Word if you do not want to include styles, numbering, and other formatting information when you paste text into a document.

If you want to replace all the text on the Clipboard with a new text selection, use CTRL+C or CTRL+X instead of INSERT+WINDOWS Key+C. JAWS asks if you want to overwrite the previously saved items. Choose "Yes" to replace all the text on the Clipboard with the new selection.

Spend a few moments selecting, copying, and pasting text using the FSClipboard commands in the edit box below. When using JAWS, forms mode comes on automatically upon pressing TAB to move to the edit box. The PC cursor is the active cursor while in the edit area. Press F5 to refresh the text if needed.

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