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Copying Text to the Clipboard

The commands for the Windows Clipboard are:

Press TAB to move to the edit box on the page, and then select the first line of text that begins with "From the sparkling blue waters..."

Press CTRL+C to copy this text to the clipboard.

Now press UP ARROW to move to the first blank line in the edit box, just above the text that reads "Saint Petersburg, Florida."

Pasting Text from the Clipboard

Press CTRL+V to paste what you just copied to the clipboard into the edit box at the insertion point where the cursor is. Press the keystroke to read the current line, INSERT+UP ARROW, to verify that it is there.

Spend a few moments selecting, copying, and pasting text using the windows keyboard commands in the edit box below. When using JAWS, forms mode comes on automatically upon pressing TAB to move to the edit box. The PC cursor is the active cursor while in the edit area. Press F5 to refresh the text if needed.

Freedom Scientific, a Vispero brand

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