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Virtual PC Cursor

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The Virtual PC cursor is used to read web pages in a web browser and PDF documents in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Though it is not visible like the PC cursor, the Virtual PC cursor simulates an insertion point, offering the same functionality as that found when reading a text-based document.

By default, the Virtual PC cursor is active upon opening applications where it is supported, like in a web browser, Email client, or PDF document. You can toggle it off and on with the keyboard command INSERT+Z, though most of the time, you will want to leave it on to read and navigate screen contents. If you switch to another cursor, press NUM PAD PLUS to activate the Virtual PC cursor again. When using the laptop keyboard layout, this keyboard command is CAPS LOCK+SEMICOLON.

Please allow [03:21] to watch the short instructional demonstration on using the Virtual PC cursor before continuing to the next topic.

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