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ZoomText Legacy Format Downloads

ZoomText Large-Print Keyboards

Make sure to download the software that matches your ZoomText Keyboard. Use the pictures below to identify your keyboard.

ZoomText 11

View the ZoomText 11 Release Notes.

ZoomText 10.1

View the ZoomText 10.1 Release Notes.

ZoomText 10

View the ZoomText 10 Release Notes.

ZoomText v9.1

View the ZoomText 9.1 Release Notes.

ZoomText 9.19.1 Update

ZoomText USB 9.19.1 Update

ZoomText Mac 1.2

View the ZoomText Mac 1.2 Release Notes.

ImageReader 1.2

ZoomText Express 1.03 Updates

Note: This ZoomText Express download only updates an existing installation of ZoomText Express in Windows 7 or earlier.