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Freedom Scientific Announces New Workspace Efficient Line of Video Magnifiers

Introducing the TOPAZ SpaceSaver

(St. Petersburg, Florida - June 07, 2007)

Freedom Scientific today introduced its latest low vision video magnification solution – the TOPAZ® SpaceSaver. Aimed at today's office desktop or cubicle workstation that already has a phone and PC occupying much of the available space, the new video magnifier features a footprint of less than 9 square inches and comes with a choice of a 17-inch, 19-inch, or 21-inch switchable flat panel monitor. The large-view flat panel monitor works with both the magnification camera and a PC, thereby eliminating the need for a separate PC monitor. The TOPAZ SpaceSaver produces magnification up to 78 times original size, depending on the monitor that is selected.

"The TOPAZ SpaceSaver is ideal for the person who moves between working with documents and using a PC all day," said Brad Davis, Vice President of Freedom Scientific. "This product recovers workspace in two ways. First, it eliminates the bulky X/Y table common on most video magnifiers. An X/Y table is great for large format documents and books, but many work situations require shorter reading sessions with mostly 8.5-inch by 11-inch or A4 size documents. Second, the flat panel switchable monitor eliminates the need for two monitors and provides the largest available viewing area with the smallest footprint.

"In addition to its compact, lightweight design, the key features of the TOPAZ SpaceSaver include tremendous flexibility and ease of use. The unit mounts on the edge of a desk, table, counter, or any sturdy surface quickly and easily and can switch between the magnification view and a PC screen view with one simple keystroke."

The ample 8.25-inch workspace under the camera provides plenty of room for writing or using hands and tools to work with small objects. With the available TOPAZ Connectivity Pack, users can customize the views to include split views – horizontally or vertically – masking, and guide lines.

Other notable features of the TOPAZ SpaceSaver include:

  • Large, bright, easy-to-access controls
  • Bright integrated LED lighting
  • Twenty-eight customizable and interchangeable high-contrast color modes
  • Position Locator to ensure proper placement of an object being viewed
  • Focus Lock to maintain focus on objects and documents while you work or write
  • Mounting options include easy clamp mounting or, for more permanent placement, flush mounting with easy-to-access through bolts
  • Requires just a single wall outlet for power for both the camera and monitor

Pricing and Availability

The price range for the TOPAZ SpaceSaver is from $2,295 to $3,695, depending on the size of the monitor selected. For complete product specifications and pricing details, visit or contact Freedom Scientific at 800-444-4443 or 727-803-8000.

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