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Freedom Scientific Releases JAWS 10

Users Call JAWS Tandem a Breakthrough

(St. Petersburg, Florida - November 03, 2008)

Freedom Scientific today announced the English release of JAWS® version 10, the world's leading screen reader for visually impaired computer users. This new release includes new features that will expand employment, training, and educational opportunities for users at all levels. These new features include Auto Forms Mode, JAWS Tandem®, and RealSpeak™ Solo Direct.

"The new Auto Forms Mode makes it easier than ever for new users to work with Internet Explorer®, Firefox® 3, and Acrobat Reader®," said Eric Damery, Vice President of Software Product Management. "There is no question that JAWS 10 has taken working with HTML and PDF forms or Web-based applications, especially the new Web 2.0 Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA), to a new level."

For more information, try the updated Surf's Up training aid, which now includes all the details on Auto Forms Mode.

"JAWS Tandem provides an accessible remote assistance option for anyone with access to the Internet – including dial-up. Technical Support staff, consultants, trainers, dealers, and knowledgeable friends now have a simple and powerful tool to assist JAWS users from a distance. It literally lets our Tech Support team make house calls," added Damery. "Perhaps the most important part of this feature is that friends can now help friends. Whether troubleshooting a problem on their friend's computer, teaching them something about JAWS, or even test-driving some new software with JAWS on their friend's machine before buying, it has already proven to be a huge success."

For more information, take a look at the FAQs on JAWS Tandem.

The RealSpeak Solo Direct synthesizer is another new feature in JAWS 10. RealSpeak Solo Direct is much more responsive than the SAPI 5 option in JAWS 8 and 9. Customers will also appreciate the 43 different voices in 19 languages and the convenient online location where everyone can sample and download any of the RealSpeak Direct voices for use with JAWS and the upcoming MAGic® 11 update. These new voices are even available for use with demonstration licenses of JAWS.

To make learning JAWS even easier, free DAISY training materials for JAWS and MAGic are now offered via the Check for Updates feature. JAWS 10 now includes 17 DAISY titles that can all be read using the free software DAISY player (FSReader Demo) installed with all versions of JAWS and MAGic. MP3 versions of all the DAISY training materials are also available free of charge on the Training Downloads Web pages.

Hear All the New JAWS 10 Features Demonstrated in FSCast

Listen to Eric Damery, Product Manager for JAWS, and Jonathan Mosen, Vice President of Blindness Hardware Product Management, discuss the latest JAWS 10 enhancements in the August 2008 FSCast and the September 2008 FSCast. The August FSCast covers Auto Forms Mode and RealSpeak Solo Direct, and the September FSCast covers JAWS Tandem and the new iTunes® 8 support. For more information about JAWS 10, see the What's New page.

About Freedom Scientific

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