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The Paciello Group is now TPGi!

The Paciello Group Announces Rebranding, Changes Name to TPGi

(Clearwater, Florida - February 22, 2021)

Freedom Scientific is pleased to share this press release on behalf of TPGi.

We are thrilled to unveil the next evolution of accessibility as we integrate the best methodologies, software, analytics, and industry expertise into a unified organization under a new brand. Effective February 22, 2021, our organization will be officially known as TPG Interactive (doing business as TPGi).

Over the last four years, we have grown under the larger accessibility ecosystem that is Vispero. With the 2017 acquisition of Always Accessible and the 2018 acquisition of Interactive Accessibility, Vispero has facilitated the evolution of TPGi’s solutions capabilities. Chief among those leaps forward are the modernized API-first automated accessibility testing and collaboration software suite, Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) Platform, while Interactive Accessibility expanded our trusted expertise in review methodologies, accessibility risk consulting, and strategic program management capabilities. Now is the time to unify all of our brands under a single identity so our customers can benefit fully from these interwoven capabilities.

“TPGi has grown from a small organization of dedicated accessibility professionals into a world-class provider of forward-thinking accessibility solutions. In that time we have expanded our organization through acquisition and organic growth and want our brand to represent the diverse portfolio of technology and talent that will now be known as TPGi,” said Travis Brown, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

As part of the new transformation, we are also launching an exciting new generation of our ARC Platform that will create deeply integrated solutions for all of our customers. With ARC, we’ve built the most advanced accessibility management platform on the market. It provides expert-curated content, advanced test automation and analytics, and on-demand support through a single access point for both customers and accessibility professionals.

“ARC’s Gen5 release will serve as our customer collaboration hub, source of world-class accessibility analytics, systems integrations (API), a repository for all of our KnowledgeBase content, Tutor e-learning modules, customer audits, client deliverables, and our HelpDesk support ticketing system,” states David O’Neill, Chief Architect, ARC Platform.

“TPGi’s accessibility services will now leverage ARC’s scalable infrastructure to empower our clients with access to knowledge and opportunities for collaboration. By providing visibility into accessibility performance metrics for fast and actionable insights that support agile development, we enable our clients to effectively identify and remediate existing accessibility barriers, and incorporate digital accessibility into their planning and design within their development lifecycle. They can confidently deliver a more successful end-user experience and achieve their business objectives,” said Dave Lerch, Global Vice President, Solutions Delivery.

What’s Next: All of our clients, current and future, will be able to take advantage of these new capabilities. We are rolling out a coordinated approach between account managers, sales, and customer success to ensure a smooth customer transition. The future of accessibility is here, and it starts with TPGi.

About TPGi

TPGi is an accessibility solutions provider that supports all phases of accessibility through best-in-class management software and professional services. We partner with the best-known brands in the world to achieve end-to-end accessibility for their digital assets. Our clients span a variety of industries including retail/eCommerce, software/technology, publishing, banking/finance, healthcare, government, and higher education. TPGi experts are globally recognized for their contributions to accessibility standards and guidelines.