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Freedom Scientific Introduces a New Generation of the Focus Braille Display Line

The most RUGGED portable Braille display available on the market today - drop-tested to MIL-STD-810-G.

(St. Petersburg, Florida - August 17, 2017)

Freedom Scientific today introduced the fifth generation of the Focus Blue Braille Display line. This next generation of Braille displays is designed to be extra rugged to meet the needs of today’s active portable user.

Thanks to an aluminum extrusion on a steel base, the housing of the Focus 40 Blue is stronger than ever before. This eliminates any torsion that could be transmitted to the Braille cells, or other internal components. The housing also incorporates bumpers that deform to absorb shock when the unit is dropped on its end or accidentally knocked against a wall or door. For added protection, the convenient carrying case lets you use your Braille display on the go, without removing it.

Special attention has been paid to the dot keys and spacebar to ensure smooth, positive feedback and quiet operation. Furthermore, each Braille cell is physically isolated from its neighbors to inhibit lateral movement in a drop, and any arcing that might result from too close proximity.

The USB 3.1c micro connector significantly increases the ease of physical connection – it’s always right-side-up. For durability, the USB connector has been engineered to “float”, so it is virtually impossible to break.

The Focus 40 Blue stands at the beginning of a new generation of more ‘rugged’ Braille displays. A ‘new generation’ Focus 14 Blue and Focus 80 Blue will be introduced at a later stage. Additional information and technical specifications can be found at

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The Focus 40 Blue is available for immediate shipment.