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JAWS® Screenreader Software Now Freely Available in Spain for Visually Impaired ONCE Members

(Barendrecht (NL), St. Petersburg, FL (US) - October 17, 2016) Freedom Scientific® is pleased to announce its partnership with The National Organization for the Blind (ONCE) in Spain to provide the world’s most popular screen reader, JAWS, at no cost to ONCE members.

This important milestone follows a similar announcement in 2014 by the Colombian Government to provide free access to JAWS & MAGic for all citizens of Colombia (ConVertic). This time, ONCE members will now be able to use this powerful Accessibility tool on individual home PCs and for public institutions, including schools, libraries, and universities. JAWS and all updates will be included for the term of the agreement, enhancing levels of accessibility and improving the lives of thousands living with Visual Impairments in Spain.

"Based on our successful 18 years of experience with JAWS, we are excited to offer JAWS, the best screen reading software, to all our members. We are confident that this will help our members to be more effective in their daily lives and will reduce the digital divide they might currently experience," said Mr. Andrés Ramos, General Joint Manager of Social Services for ONCE Members.

"With JAWS, we are strongly present in Spanish-language markets," explained Tom Tiernan, President and CEO of VFO™, the company behind Freedom Scientific. "Similar to the program of ONCE, JAWS is sponsored in more Spanish-speaking countries. Therefore, we invest a lot in developing the Spanish version of JAWS and in recent times we released new Spanish versions simultaneously with the standard English software. From now on, we look forward to providing JAWS to the members of ONCE, helping them increase access to their computers."

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