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Freedom Scientific has solutions to help deaf-blind individuals communicate electronically face-to-face and over a distance. We offer two types of communication systems for independent and portable two-way conversations.

The Interpretype Deaf-Blind Communication System is a full-spectrum solution that is easy to use for communicating online and face to face. Users can communicate over a distance using the Internet, or face to face using Bluetooth®.

FaceToFace™ teams up with Bluetooth® connectivity and the PAC Mate™ Omni accessible Pocket PC to create a portable way for deaf-blind individuals to engage in real-time conversations with others - without the need for a specially-trained interpreter.

Computer screen showing Interpretype.

Interpretype features

  • Two laptops with software to communicate via Skype™, IP-Relay, SMS text messaging, instant messaging, and face to face
  • Includes JAWS® Professional screen-reading software and a Focus 40 Blue Braille Display on one laptop
  • Save contacts, buddy lists, and IP-Relay information for future use
  • Connect to the Internet using the included WiFi or Ethernet connection
  • Talk face to face using Bluetooth
  • Take full advantage of computing tasks such as emailing, Internet browsing, and more
  • For more information, please visit the Interpretype Web site.
  • Please call 585-272-1155 or e-mail for all pricing, ordering, and information.

FaceToFace features

Initiate one-on-one conversations on your PAC Mate Omni with sighted parties in the same room who have a Bluetooth-capable PC or PDA

  • Send messages with the PAC Mate Omni's QWERTY or Perkins-style keyboard
  • Read responses through the Braille display
  • Save conversations to a text file
  • Paste text from Address and Contact files into FaceToFace conversations