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Offline Installers for Secure Environments


Download Main JAWS Installer and Use the /Layout Command Line Option

Instead of downloading the offline installer, which contains all languages and is a large download, you can run the JAWS setup executable with the /Layout command line argument. This command downloads the non-embedded installer files and creates a copy of the setup package in the folder specified. This allows a user to run the setup package and perform an installation or repair on an offline computer. To do this, the setup package and installer files must be in the same folder.

If there are spaces in the path to the folder, the path must be enclosed in quotes.

c:\package.exe /Layout "c:\FS setup\OfflineSetup"
The installer files are downloaded to the c:\FS setup\OfflineSetup folder.

By default, the Layout option downloads the language that matches the operating system language. If you need to install a different JAWS language on a computer, you can use the /Language command line argument in conjunction with /Layout and specify the three letter language code you want to download.

c:\package.exe /Language enu /Layout "c:\FS setup\OfflineSetup"
The installer files for the English version of the product are downloaded to the c:\FS setup\OfflineSetup folder.

The following language codes are supported:

  • Arabic: arb
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ptb
  • Danish: dan
  • Dutch: nld
  • English: enu
  • French: fra
  • French Canadian: frc
  • German: deu
  • Hebrew: heb
  • Hungarian: hun
  • Russian: rus
  • Spanish: esn

For a full list of available command line options, use /Help or /MoreHelp.

    Download Full JAWS Offline installer

    The offline installer for JAWS is intended to be used in secure environments such as a company or government agency where you need to install JAWS on one or more computers that are behind a firewall with restricted Internet access. This installer is very large as it includes all supported languages. If you intend on installing on the same computer you are using to download JAWS, there is no reason to download the offline installer.

    1. Select the appropriate link at the end of this procedure to download JAWS and save it to a location such as a USB drive. Make sure to download the correct version (64-bit or 32-bit) for the computer where you will be installing JAWS.
    2. Run the executable from the computer with restricted Internet access and follow the instructions to install JAWS. The setup installs the correct language that matches your operating system language. If this is a new installation, you can install a different language by selecting the Options button on the first setup screen and then choosing the language you want from the list.

      Non-Tandem JAWS

      JAWS includes a unique feature called Tandem which lets users on two different computers in different locations create a secure connection with each other over the internet. This is extremely useful for support and training purposes. Some organizations do not wish to allow this and would prefer to install JAWS without the Tandem feature. In versions of JAWS prior to JAWS 2019, we provided a special installer that excluded the Tandem feature. Starting with JAWS 2019, Tandem install can be blocked in any JAWS setup package using a setup configuration file. No command line options are required. The setup package looks in its launch directory for the configuration file when it runs and applies its rules during setup. Download and extract AdditionalSettings.ini into your setup directory before launching the setup package to install JAWS without the Tandem feature.