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Focus Blue 5th Generation Firmware Downloads

Use this page to download the latest firmware for your Focus Blue 5th Generation refreshable braille display. For more information on using the Focus Blue, visit the Braille Displays Documentation page.

The Focus Blue 5th Generation braille displays support importing, exporting, and editing of TXT files in computer braille in the following languages:

English German Portuguese
Czech Hebrew Russian
Danish Hungarian Slovakian
Dutch Italian Spanish
Finnish Norwegian Swedish
French Polish Turkish

Files must be UTF8 format (selectable when saving in Notepad on the PC) and up to 32K for editing. Files over 32K will be displayed as read-only.

The save as .FNZ feature is still supported to capture raw dot pattern input and export to JAWS to support use with contracted braille and other languages.

IMPORTANT: This update is for the Focus Blue 5th generation braille displays. DO NOT install this firmware on older Focus 14 Blue, Focus 40 Blue, or Focus 80 Blue 4th Generation braille displays. The 5th generation Focus Blue braille displays have a Menu button between keys 1 and 4 on the Perkins-style keyboard. If your display has a Menu button, follow these instructions to upgrade the display.

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