Table of Contents

JAWS Training for Teachers and AT Instructors

JAWS Keystroke Reference

Module 1: Introduction to Teaching JAWS

Module 2: Create a Shortcut Key, Start JAWS, and Create or Rename Folders

Module 3: Use FSReader and the JAWS Basic Training

Module 4: Read and Edit with JAWS

Module 5: Quickly Get Help in JAWS

Module 6: Use Popular Tools and JAWS

Module 7: Teach your Students to Navigate the Web with Surf’s Up

Freedom Scientific, a Vispero brand

Clip art of a graduation cap, highlighter, ruler, calculator, post-it note, check mark, and target.

Module 8: JAWS and Braille

Module 9: Dictionary Manager

Module 10: Windows Accessibility Features, Ease of Access Center

Freedom Scientific, a Vispero brand