Surfing the Internet with JAWS!

A friendly shark rides the waves on a surf board. Behind an island in the distance, the stars and Milky Way glow in the sky. Surfing the Internet with JAWS opens a universe of opportunity!

Learn to use JAWS® screen reading software to read and navigate the Internet! Do you want to become a power JAWS user on the World Wide Web? Do you want to learn how JAWS can help you navigate the vast resources of entertainment, education, and information available on the web? Surf's Up! - Surfing the Internet with JAWS teaches you to use JAWS to read and work with all types of HTML pages, such as web sites, Help systems, web-based applications, and more. Learn how to use the powerful features of JAWS to get the most out of surfing the web.

Note: Surf's Up assumes you are running the most recent version of JAWS. Features demonstrated on these pages may behave slightly different in older versions.