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The Freedom Scientific Training department holds two live training events per month. The first is a one-hour webinar where we'll teach you the basics and even show you a few tricks to try with Fusion, JAWS, and ZoomText. Webinars are held on the first Thursday of the month at 12 PM Eastern Time.

The second is a virtual classroom practice session. We'll open things up for an interactive training experience with our training team. Our virtual classroom is open on the third Thursday of the month at 12 PM Eastern Time.

Check out the schedule below and sign up for a future lesson. And don't forget our archives where you can listen to past training events and download reference material to further your learning.

Upcoming Training Schedule

Google Chrome and JAWS

September 5, 2019. 12:00 PM ET.
Are you new to the Google Chrome browser? Want to add to your arsenal of web-browsing tools as a JAWS user? Join us September 5, at noon Eastern for our live webinar, Google Chrome and JAWS.

We’ll introduce you to Google Chrome features, demonstrate various browser-related tasks and provide useful shortcuts to improve the overall browsing experience.

Register now for Google Chrome and JAWS.

FS Skill Building and Review, Surfing with Chrome

September 19, 2019. 12:00 PM ET.
Want to get the most out of browsing the Internet with JAWS and Google Chrome? Join us in our virtual classroom on the Zoom Conferencing platform Thursday, September 19, at noon Eastern for FS Skill Building and Review, Surfing with Chrome.

During this task-based training, we'll provide step-by-step instructions on various Chrome features, offer helpful tips on getting the most out of this widely used application and show you keyboard shortcuts that will add value to your browsing experience.

Register now for Surfing with Chrome.

Skype 8 and JAWS, Stay in Touch

This is a pre-recorded lesson describing how to use JAWS with Skype 8.
Available for download by September 30, 2019.

Need to access Skype more easily with JAWS? Our short pre-recorded training video will show you how.

Keyboard commands have been incorporated into JAWS 2019 to provide additional functionality to Skype for Desktop Version 8, offering navigation options not included in Skype. Whether you use this popular application to contact family and friends or to attend important meetings, you’ll benefit from this training which will walk you through several crucial tasks such as: navigating to the chat entry field, accessing the chat history, answering and disconnecting calls and more.

Webinar Archives

FS Skill Building and Review, Improving JAWS Skills in Outlook, 08/15/19

Want to send and receive e-mails with ease while gaining access to the powerful calendar and meeting features Microsoft Outlook has to offer? Whether you use it with JAWS or are instructing others on how to do so, our step-by-step approach will show you how to complete various tasks while introducing you to useful keyboard commands and important features.

Note: Video, audio, and resource files coming soon.

Microsoft Outlook with JAWS, 08/01/19

New to Microsoft Outlook? Want to improve your JAWS skills with this popular email application? Listen as we demonstrate a variety of tasks related to creating and reading emails, creating appointments, accessing the Outlook calendar, and more. In addition, we’ll show you useful keyboard commands, introduce you to important features, and talk about what's new with Outlook and JAWS.

JAWS and Zoom, a Lesson on Learning, Archived 07/30/19

New to the Zoom Conferencing Platform? Want to learn how to navigate this popular application more efficiently using JAWS? Then check out this training for using JAWS with Zoom Conferencing.

Whether you use Zoom just when attending our free trainings or for other important meetings, you'll benefit from this brief video that provides you with an explanation of the Zoom Desktop Client window layout, useful shortcuts, and keyboard commands for quick navigation. Watch this short tutorial to gain greater control of the Zoom Conferencing user interface and improve your proficiency and orientation when attending FS trainings and other events.

FS Skill Building and Review, Improving JAWS Skills in Excel, Archived 06/20/19

Want to improve your JAWS skills in Microsoft Excel? Interested in learning about new features that add accessibility to the application? Whether you’re new to Excel, a long-time user seeking more information about the latest functionality with JAWS, or an instructor needing additional tools and resources, our task-based approach will guide you through using various features. We’ll demonstrate numerous tasks and walk you through the steps for completing them.

Download the MP3, MP4, or supplemental resources using the links below:

Microsoft Excel with JAWS Webinar, Archived 06/06/19

In this webinar, we’ll introduce you to Excel and show you how to create and save workbooks, add and remove rows and columns in worksheets, find data, and navigate in and between multiple worksheets. No matter your skill level, we’ll show you essential keyboard commands, and a few tips and tricks for using JAWS with Excel.

Download the MP3, MP4, or supplemental resources using the links below:

FS Skill Building and Review, Improving JAWS Skills in PowerPoint, Archived 05/16/19

Whether you’re new to creating presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, a long-time user seeking information about the newest features with JAWS, or an instructor needing additional tools and resources, our task-based approach introduces you to new features that have been added to provide a whole new level of functionality. We’ll demonstrate each task, walk you through the steps for completing it, and give you plenty of opportunities to ask questions as you work.

Download the MP4 archive or supplemental resources:

An overview and task-based approach for using JAWS with PowerPoint, Archived 05/02/2019

Are you new to using Microsoft PowerPoint? Want to learn more about creating powerful presentations in this popular application? Whether you use JAWS and PowerPoint or are instructing others on how to do so, we’ll introduce important tasks, provide keyboard commands, and show you some of the new and exciting features of JAWS and PowerPoint.

FS Skill Building and Review, Improving JAWS Skills in Word, Archived 04/18/2019

Want to improve your JAWS skills with Microsoft Word while learning about new features that add accessibility and functionality? Whether you’re new to Word, a long-time user seeking more information about the latest features with JAWS, or an instructor needing additional tools and resources, the FS Training Team will guide you through completing various tasks. Follow our demonstrations as we walk you through the steps for carrying out each process.

Improving JAWS Skills in Word Resources

Microsoft Word with JAWS Webinar - An overview and task-based approach for using JAWS with Word, Archived 04/04/2019

Are you new to Microsoft Word? Want to learn more about creating and accessing documents in this popular word processing application?

An overview of Word and a task-based approach to using this powerful application with JAWS. Whether you use JAWS and Word or are instructing others on how to do so, we’ll introduce important features, provide keyboard commands, and show you what’s new with JAWS and Word.

FS Skill Building and Review, Easy Listening, Configuring Voices, Archived 03/21/2019

We've appreciated your feedback throughout 2019, and many of you have requested more task-based interactive time with our team to learn and practice. You've spoken, and we're listening.

Introducing FS Skill Building and Review, an interactive training event! Rather than a second webinar each month, we'll meet on the third Thursday and tackle specific tasks that build upon our monthly webinar topic. Want to learn more than just the basics? Want to see a task demonstrated, AND also have an instructor walk you through it in an environment where you can stop and ask questions? We’ll demo each task, give clear steps at a classroom pace, and offer plenty of opportunities for questions and review.

Getting to Know ZoomText, Archived 03/07/2019

Are you a new ZoomText user? Familiar with the product but want a refresher? Our Getting to Know ZoomText webinar has all you need to get started. Whether you will be using the product or instructing other users, we'll provide all the resources necessary to facilitate the learning process.

Getting to Know ZoomText Teaching Resources

Getting to Know Fusion, Archived 02/21/2019

Are you new to Fusion? Transitioning to using screen magnification together with synthesized speech? Our Getting to Know Fusion webinar will provide all the information you need to begin using your product. Whether you're a previous ZoomText user who may benefit from the full support of JAWS, new to assistive technology, are an instructor, or are interested in purchasing Fusion for your organization, we'll give you the resources needed to begin your journey down the path to learning. We'll introduce several important basic Fusion concepts and commands, acquaint you with the user interface, and provide downloadable supplementals for you to use as reference.

Getting to Know Fusion Teaching Resources

Getting to Know JAWS, Archived 02/07/2019

Are you new to screen readers? Overwhelmed by all of the information and synthesized speech? Our Getting to Know JAWS webinar is the place to start. Whether you're a family member of someone losing vision, a beginner with screen readers, or an instructor, we'll show you the resources you need to get started. We'll introduce basic concepts and commands, and provide multiple supplementals for your own reference.

FSReader Vocabulary Reference
Windows 10 Desktop with JAWS Vocabulary Reference
Introduction to the Windows 10 Desktop with JAWS Lesson Plan

What's New with the Freedom Scientific Training Department, Archived 01/17/2019

We'll present new product features, outline common tasks, and provide valuable resources that are essential components of the fast-changing technological landscape of today. Meet the Freedom Scientific Training team, find out what's coming in our webinar series, discover new training offerings, and much more. Check out our training resources and get to know the powerful products you depend on even better.

PowerPoint 365/2016, Archived 10/26/2017

Summary: Join us for three lessons on using PowerPoint 365/2016 in this webinar. We cover adding, deleting, and arranging slides, adding alternative text to images, using custom animation effects, presenting a slide show, preparing handouts for the audience, and more!

Excel 365/2016, Archived 09/28/2017

Summary: Join us for three lessons on using Excel 365/2016 in this webinar. We cover using the auto sum feature, comments, ranges, formula basics, creating accessible row and column headers, adding charts, sorting and filtering data, and more!

Outlook 365/2016, Archived 09/01/2017

Summary: Join us for three lessons on using Outlook 365/2016 in this webinar. We cover creating and using folders, setting Outlook preferences, sending and receiving email with attachments, meeting requests, calendar navigation, categories, and more!

Word 365/2016, Archived 08/17/2017

Summary: Join us for three lessons on using Word 365/2016 in this webinar. We cover setting Word preferences, changing the default font and point size, creating templates for styles, inserting images and adding alt text, creating accessible tables, and more!

Office 365, Archived 07/26/2017

Summary: This overview of Office 365/2016 with JAWS covers using the online versions of Office 365 as well as the desktop versions.

Description: When you subscribe to Office 365, you are also able to download the desktop versions for installation on your local computer. Typically, people use the online versions for light work or for use on mobile devices, and then use the desktop versions for more in-depth work. In this webinar, we cover the following

  • Navigation in the ribbons and task panes
  • Demonstrations of the online versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint
  • Demonstrations of the desktop versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint

Windows 10 Basics with JAWS and MAGic, Archived 07/05/2017

We show you how to navigate and use the basics of Windows 10 in this webinar, including a discussion of the return of the Start menu, finding all programs, searching for programs and settings, accessibility concerns, and more.

Google Docs and Sheets with JAWS and MAGic, Archived 10/19/2016

Join us for a demonstration of Google documents and worksheets. We will demonstrate:

  • Using Google Drive to create and open documents and sheets
  • Opening existing documents and sheets
  • Sharing documents and sheets
  • Working in collaboration on documents and sheets
  • Applying different styles and fonts in documents
  • And more

What's New in JAWS 18, Archived 11/16/2016

Join us as we discuss several of the new features in JAWS 18 in this free Webinar series. Be among the first to hear the details about the new features of JAWS 18.

Domain-specific Scripts for Web Pages with JAWS, Archived 12/16/2015

Learn how JAWS 17 extends our scripting functionality to enable you to create scripts that only load when a particular web site is being accessed, so you can customize a web page or application to your specific needs.

Voice Profiles with JAWS and MAGic, Archived 12/09/2015

This webinar teaches how to use voice profiles with JAWS and MAGic. The lesson includes how to use the Voice Adjustment dialog box to create voice profiles for different activities, including settings for different languages, synthesizers, and punctuation levels, along with the more well-known settings for speech rate and pitch.

Introduction to Office 2016 with JAWS and MAGic, Archived 11/11/2015

This overview of Office 2016 with JAWS and MAGic covers the important aspects of Office 2016. Topics include navigation for the ribbons and task panes; differences from earlier versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

JAWS Tool Belt, Archived 06/05/2015

JAWS screen reading software is SO much more than just a screen reader! It includes several powerful tools that help make you more productive and efficient, whether your'e at home, school, or work.

FSReader 3 with JAWS, Archived 04/08/2015

The Basic Training for JAWS and other training materials are in DAISY format. You can listen to and read the training modules by using the FSReader DAISY reader included with JAWS. You can also download training materials directly in FSReader using the JAWS Training Table of Contents located in the File menu. If there is an updated book available, FSReader automatically notifies you to download and install it. Use standard JAWS reading commands to read through the text in the DAISY books or press CTRL+P to listen to the narrated audio. Learn how to maximize your FSReader 3 experience in this webinar.

BrailleIn with JAWS, Archived 03/11/2015

Take command of your computer, laptop/netbook, or Windows based tablet from your braille display. Using the JAWS BrailleIn feature, not only can you read contracted braille output from your computer, but you can use the Perkins-style braille keyboard on the braille display to enter text in contracted braille. You can also fully control your computer right from the braille display. Learn how BrailleIn makes your braille display the only input/output device you need to use your computer to its full potential.

Speech History with JAWS, Archived 12/03/2014

For years, braille users have had a mode where the braille display would show the exact information spoken by the speech synthesizer. You can also pan the braille display back to review the last 50 spoken items. The New Speech History feature in JAWS 15 extends this functionality to users who rely on speech more than braille.

MathML with JAWS, Archived 11/05/2014

MathML is a language for including mathematical content on Web pages, enabling browsers to present math equations and formulas as they would appear on paper. JAWS provides spoken, natural language descriptions of MathML expressions, using the same terms a teacher would use to explain them in a classroom. There is a written, visual language of math, described by MathML. However, there is also a spoken language used when people discuss math problems. Students will benefit from hearing JAWS describe mathematical expressions as their teachers and peers do.

JAWS and MAGic Reading Commands and Cursors Used by JAWS, Archived 08/20/2014

Learn the basics of reading the screen with the three primary cursors used by JAWS.

PDF Document Reading and Strategies with JAWS and MAGic, Archived 05/02/2014

This two-part webinar demonstrates how to read PDF documents using JAWS and MAGic

JAWS Training for Teachers and AT Trainers, Archived 03/13/2014

Are you an assistive technology (AT) teacher or a trainer? Do you need to be able to assist or help students who use JAWS? Are you a help desk support person who needs to support JAWS users in the field? If the answer to any of the questions above is "yes," this webinar is for you.

Getting the Most out of Flexible Web, Archived 12/04/2013

Learn how to use Flexible Web, first introduced in JAWS 14. Flexible Web enables you to take more control of Web pages by allowing you to quickly find the content you are looking for, as well as hide content that interrupts the reading experience. This webinar demonstrates how to start and customize Flexible Web, and how to create rules for different scenarios.

TypeAbility for JAWS and MAGic, Typing Tutor, Archived 06/26/2013

TypeAbility is a typing and computer tutor for JAWS and MAGic. This webinar shows how to use TypeAbility. It explores different types of lessons, including keyboarding, games, dictation, and academic quizzes. It also includes an overview of the Teacher's Mode, how to create your own lessons, and how to use the progress reports.

Dictionary Manager in JAWS and MAGic, Archived 10/31/2012

Learn about the Dictionary Manager feature in JAWS, including changing the phonetic pronunciation of a word and changing the language in which a word is spoken.

Using Your iDevice with the Focus Braille Displays, Archived 10/10/2012

Learn how to use the Focus Blue Braille displays with an Apple iDevice, including pairing the Braille display with your device, using help mode, and shortcut key references.

JAWS Techniques for Examining Text Formatting, Archived 06/20/2012

Learn how to use JAWS to examine documents for text formatting. Topics include useful JAWS keystrokes, options in JAWS Quick Settings, using Text Analyzer, and working with the Speech and Sounds Manager.

Using JAWS Tandem for Troubleshooting and Training, Archived 06/13/2012

JAWS Tandem allows you to access another computer running JAWS, so that you can provide hands-on technical support, write scripts from a distance, or perform remote JAWS training. This webinar teaches you how to use JAWS Tandem, including starting, running, and ending sessions. We will also discuss safety and other considerations during sessions.

JAWS Certification: What it is and how do I prepare for it?, Archived 05/16/2012

Learn how to prepare for the JAWS Certification Exam, including how the exam works, what resources are available, and what to study. There is a live demonstration and practice included.

Focus 40 Blue, Archived 09/15/2011

This series of two webinars discusses using the Focus 40 Blue Braille Display. Topics for this webinar include the physical layout and design, connecting the display to your computer, reading text, moving the cursor, using the navigation row and cursor routing buttons, and changing basic Braille options.

Strategies for Navigating Difficult Web Pages with JAWS, Archived 05/03/2011

Learn how to navigate difficult web pages using JAWS, including pages that refresh automatically, work with improperly tagged images, and develop strategies to quickly find what you are looking for on a web page. We will also discuss using the JAWS cursor to find and click items where keyboard accessibility is minimal or lacking altogether.

OpenBook, Archived 09/27/2011

This two-part series introduces OpenBook, the scanning and reading program. Topics include how to open and edit documents, how to acquire or scan single or multi-page documents, create and modify workflows, and change settings.

Basics of Scripting, Archived 10/29/2009

This series of three webinars teacher the basics of scripting for JAWS.

  • Keyboard Manager
  • What Are Scripts?
  • Script Manager