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Freedom Scientific – Beta Report Form

Use this form to report any issues you are experiencing with the currently released version of the public beta. Please submit one problem per report and be as specific as possible when describing your issue. You will be contacted if additional information is needed by our test and development teams.

Real-world example of a good bug report

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The Freedom Scientific Support Tool is a utility that gathers non-personal information about the environment in which JAWS, ZoomText, or Fusion is running. To access the tool:

In JAWS: Navigate to Help | FS Support Tool (or ALT+H, F).

In ZoomText: Navigate to ZoomText | ZoomText Support | Tool (or ALT+Z, U, T).

In Fusion: Navigate to Fusion | Fusion Support | Tool (or ALT+F, U, T).

  • The tool automatically gathers and sends system information, application versions, and product crash data to our Support Tool Portal.
  • Please be sure to submit the FS Support Tool data using the same email you are using to submit this Beta Report Form.
  • To learn more, visit FS Support Tool for Software.