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Nemeth Code Self-Study Instructional Material

Free Download for the Braille Lite 40, Braille Lite 2000, Braille Lite M20 and M40

Welcome to the Nemeth Code Self-Study File Area.

The Nemeth Code Self-Study for the Braille Lite is designed to be used by blind individuals to learn to read and write the Nemeth Code for Braille mathematics, or to refresh skills using this code. This software causes all of the Nemeth Code symbols to be spoken correctly.

This page is designed to provide a simple means of reaching the self-study easily. It provides links to download the complete self-study as well as the documentation.

Choose a file to download:

  • — The entire Nemeth Code Self-Study including nemeth.bns, the program that runs the tutorial, documentation, and all 18 lessons. After downloading this file, you can extract the contents to any location on your computer.
  • nemeth.doc — Nemeth Code Self-Study documentation in MS word format.
  • nemeth.txt — Nemeth Code Self-Study documentation in text format.
  • Nemeth Code Tutorial For The Braille Lite Print Version.doc — This is the print version of the Nemeth Code tutorial for sighted individuals to accompany the accessible version of the program installed in a Braille Lite. This has not been designed for persons who are blind to learn to read and write the Nemeth Code. It was designed for use by sighted teachers who work with students who are blind.

The Freedom Scientific support section is another source of helpful information about our Braille products.

Questions and comments about the tutorials are welcome and should be directed to:

Gaylen Kapperman
Project Director
Research and Development Institute
P. O. Box 351
Sycamore, IL 60178
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