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Freedom Scientific Introduces MAGic Pro Scripting Edition

(St. Petersburg, Florida - April 16, 2007)

Freedom Scientific today announced the availability of a significant upgrade to its MAGic® Screen Magnification Software. The newly-released MAGic Pro Scripting Edition is the world's first screen magnification software that allows users to write their own scripts to modify its operation in any application, providing greater usability.

Now through September 30, 2007, the MAGic Pro Scripting Edition upgrade can be purchased for just $200 by users of MAGic 10.x Professional or Standard with speech (a savings of 50 percent) or just $400 by users of MAGic 10.x Professional or Standard with no speech (a savings of $250).

"Scripting, the foundation that makes JAWS® the most powerful screen reading technology in the world, is now available in Freedom Scientific's MAGic screen magnification application," said Dusty Voorhees, Senior Product Manager at Freedom Scientific. "The new MAGic Pro Scripting Edition opens up new opportunities by providing a whole new level of customization to our users, presenting them with a greater level of access to any program."

The key benefits of scripting offered through the MAGic Pro Scripting Edition include:

  • Increased productivity by providing single-command functions to carry out complicated multi-step processes
  • Significantly increased ease of use by creating key- or event-driven command functions to carry out complicated multi-step processes
  • Improved functionality added to any application by creating your own custom features
  • Enhanced access to non-standard applications

The scripting functions traditionally used by JAWS have been expanded to provide new functions for directing visual focus and utilizing MAGic-specific features. The thousands of scripts previously written for JAWS can easily be modified to include MAGic functionality.

The MAGic Pro Scripting Edition is a version of the MAGic screen magnification product, including speech, authorization for remote access using terminal services and Citrix®, and the Freedom Scientific Script Manager with full scripting language.

Both creating and running custom scripts require MAGic Pro Scripting Edition authorization. Once authorized, users can create, run, and share scripts with other MAGic Pro Scripting Edition users. Users with the current authorized version of MAGic 10.5 can easily upgrade to the MAGic Pro Scripting Edition through Internet License Management (ILM). Once authorization is updated, the new functionality will be immediately available for use.

Learn more about MAGic Pro Scripting Edition on the Freedom Scientific website.

Freedom Scientific also announced that MAGic 11.0 will be released and available in coming weeks. All new purchasers of MAGic since April 2, 2007, will be entitled to MAGic 11.0 once it is released. MAGic 11.0 is required to run MAGic in Windows Vista®.

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