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Freedom Scientific to Distribute PLEXTALK Pocket

World’s Most Advanced Portable DAISY Player

(St. Petersburg, Florida - June 29, 2011)

Freedom Scientific, the world's leading provider of technology for people who are blind or have low vision, today announced an agreement with Shinano Kenshi Corporation for U.S. distribution of the PLEXTALK® Pocket. The palm-sized PLEXTALK Pocket provides access to talking books, podcasts, and music on the go, on a device well equipped for today's interconnected world.

Listen to audio books from a range of providers, including Learning Ally, The National Library Service,, and other providers of unencrypted DAISY material such as Freedom Scientific's Training Department or Handy navigation functions with clear, human-like speech feedback make it a snap to get to where you need to be in any DAISY book. Speed up or slow down narration as required.

Plug in an SD card of up to 32GB and fill it with books, voice messages, recorded lectures, and your favorite music. The speaker in PLEXTALK Pocket gives a great sound, or you can use stereo headphones.

Getting the content you want on the device couldn't be easier. There's no need for special software, no rules about where content has to go. Simply connect PLEXTALK Pocket to your PC via the USB cable, and it shows up as a drive in Windows® Explorer. Just drag your selected files over.

The PLEXTALK Pocket is also the only pocket DAISY player with Wi-Fi built right in. Connect to your Wi-Fi network and transfer files wirelessly between your computer and PLEXTALK Pocket. Download a book from the National Library Service's BARD Web site for on-the-go listening. Plus, listen to streaming Internet radio anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection.

The Only Portable DAISY Player That Is Also a Portable DAISY Recorder

"The PLEXTALK Pocket is a real powerhouse of a player, so intuitive to use," says Jonathan Mosen, Vice President of Blindness Hardware Product Management, "but it is also a first class, professional quality recorder.

"You can take the PLEXTALK Pocket to a lecture, enable its automatic gain control, and it will do a great job with its built-in microphone, but you can do so much more. With the press of a key, you can make headings in the recording, so it's a snap to navigate to specific points in the lecture later."

Freedom Scientific includes PLEXTALK's powerful PRS editing software for the PC at no additional charge with each PLEXTALK Pocket purchased. This DAISY creation tool enables a student to record a lecture on the Pocket, take notes on a PAC Mate™ or PC, and later merge the two, creating a DAISY book containing annotated audio of the lecture.

"For blind podcasters and those seriously into audio production, PLEXTALK Pocket is the only device of its kind to offer an accessible level meter, for top-quality, distortion-free recording even in the most difficult environment," adds Mosen. "This is a great addition to our portfolio of products offering accessibility and productivity."

Special Introductory Offer

The PLEXTALK Pocket sells for $349. However, as an introductory offer, Freedom Scientific will be selling it for $275 until October 31, 2011. Come by our booth at the National Federation of the Blind conference in Orlando or the American Council of the Blind conference in Reno to pick up yours.

About Freedom Scientific

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