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Announcing the All New Freedom Scientific Training Podcast

(Clearwater, Florida - July 09, 2020)

The Freedom Scientific Training team now offers a new way to learn! Subscribe to new our Freedom Scientific Training Podcast.

Each week, we’ll add an episode containing content from past webinars and training demos. Subscribe and listen on your smart phone or tablet, and stream on your Amazon Echo or Google Home device.

Access lessons on a variety of topics ranging from basic Windows 10 to advanced tasks in Microsoft office products, internet browsing, and more.

Where to Subscribe and Listen

Subscribe to the Freedom Scientific Training Podcast on your iOS or Android device. Play episodes on your Amazon Echo or Google Home Assistant. Visit the Freedom Scientific Training Podcast Page for instructions on how to subscribe and listen on your preferred device.

Subscribe to the RSS Feed and Never Miss a Podcast

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a feed that gives applications access to website updates in a standardized format. Subscribe to our RSS feed and stay current with podcast episodes as they are posted.

Visit the Freedom Scientific Training Podcast Page for instructions on how to subscribe to the RSS feed from Outlook.

About Freedom Scientific

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