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WYNN Adds Support for Windows 8

Also supports Intel-based tablets for school and individual access

(St. Petersburg, Florida - April 03, 2013)

The Learning Systems Group of Freedom Scientific, Inc., developer of literacy software designed to create custom learning environments for struggling students, announced today that the industry-leading WYNN™ software has added support for Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system.

In addition to Windows 8, WYNN will also work with Intel-based tablets running Windows 8, such as those from Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and others. Since these tablets took top honors at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, the latest update continues WYNN's support for cutting-edge technology. “We are proud to offer these updates for our customers,” said Beth Thomlinson, Product Manager for Literacy Products. She continued, “We are committed to supporting the latest products in a timely manner.”

The new release is available as an update, so current users of WYNN 7 can get the newest version for free without needing to re-install the product.

Literacy Support Tools Help Students Perform Better

WYNN 7.0, building on its well-recognized educational features, is the only software that offers struggling students “electronic notecards” and Web-Masking®. These features now work in Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP, broadening the support base. New features that were released in WYNN 7 include:

  • Notecards and templates: these features, which support organization and writing, can be used in conjunction with or separately from the PREPARE process
  • Additional toolbar buttons for Save to MP3 and other most requested features: some of WYNN's more popular features, including Save to MP3, Book Search, and Send to Word, now have their own toolbar buttons
  • Convert highlights to outlines: users can combine two of WYNN's most popular features
  • Updated user interface: new toolbar button design provides an additional option for users; legacy toolbar buttons for those more comfortable with WYNN's traditional design
  • Enhanced network install capabilities: WYNN's network installation, including silent install, has been updated and enhanced for easier deployment in busy school districts

About Freedom Scientific

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