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Freedom Scientific Introduces MAGic Certification Program

(St. Petersburg, Florida - June 30, 2015)

Freedom Scientific today announced the release of the MAGic Certification Program, an online knowledge-based exam for consultants, trainers, agency staff, and users to demonstrate proficiency in using and teaching MAGic® screen magnification software. Beyond increasing knowledge of MAGic features, the Certification Program will help trainers and consultants validate their understanding of MAGic to further help the companies, agencies, and consumers they serve.

The exam is free and can be taken as many times as needed. Once an individual has passed the exam, they have the option to purchase an official certificate from Freedom Scientific. The initial certification is $99 with a $39 renewal fee when updating the certification for future MAGic releases. Once certified, individuals are entitled and encouraged to display the MAGic Certification logo in their email signature, correspondence, or website.

"The JAWS® Certification Program, introduced in 2011, has been a great tool for both trainers and users,” said Dusty Voorhees, Senior Product Manager at Freedom Scientific. “MAGic is the most compatible magnification product with JAWS, and now both products have certification programs."

Participants preparing for the exam have extensive study materials available to them, including online materials, such as the MAGic Headquarters, and help features within MAGic, such as the extensive built-in help menu topics and DAISY books.

Please visit the MAGic Certification Program for more details and to take the exam.

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